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Next Level Monoprints

This 2 day workshop dives deep into the world of monoprinting, a form of printmaking which yields unique prints (not an identical edition), hence the name “mono.”


Using monoprinting you’ll gain skills in:

  • Complex and effective colour combinations
  • Mark making and textures using both found objects and drawn lines
  • Layering of imagery including ghost printing and masking
  • Positive and negative stencil imagery
  • Multi plate images
  • Offset images
  • Working outside ‘the frame’
  • Registration and composition
  • Pattern, texture and repetition

To create our prints, we will be working with ‘Arthur’ the large etching press and use handmade stencils and found objects, as well as playing with trace monotypes, and some reductive markmaking as well.

We’ll make our stencils in different ways with techniques such as burning and tearing to create random edges.  Our stencil materials include paper, light card, or plastics such as acetate, yupo, and old x-rays.

Students will be asked to bring:

  • Apron and nametag
  • Lunch and Drinks
  • Objects to print with – need to be flat and thin (1mm maximum).  For example, leaves (press in phone book), feathers, lace, mesh, not metal
  • Imagery for stencils
  • Old x-rays for stencils (if available)
  • Visual diary/notebook and basic drawing kit


This workshop will wake up your art practice and even challenge you a bit.  You’ll be rewarded with a creative playful 2 days full of unexpected and serendipitous images which could take you in a whole new direction.


Note:  Some prior experience in monoprinting is helpful but not essential.

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Next dates to be advised.

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