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Sandra Pearce, the founder of Art from the Urban Wilderness, is the lead tutor at the studio. Guest artists are also engaged to host workshops and community art events.

All levels of experience are catered for, with workshops from 2 hours to 2 days and courses held over several weeks.

Our workshops will provide you with a fresh creative experience with no pressure to produce a masterpiece, with an emphasis on learning and having fun exploring ink, paper, and plant materials.

You don’t need to be able to draw or paint, just have an open mind and be ready to go out of your comfort zone and find your creative self.

You will always take home something….it may be a finished work, the starting point for a new mixed media work, or just renewed enthusiasm and inspiration.


“I really love printmaking. It’s like a mystery and you’re trying to figure out how to rein it in.” – Kiki Smith.


Printmaking is an exciting artistic process where an image is transferred from a matrix onto another surface, usually paper but could include textiles, wood or metal. The matrix is a plate made of plastic, metal, wood or linoleum.

Techniques you can learn at Art from the Urban Wilderness include monotype/monoprinting using an etching press, gelatine monoprinting, drypoint etching, and collagraphs. You can also mix the techniques to create a mixed media work, for example a drypoint print over a monotype. Many techniques require no previous art experience or drawing skills.

Our printmaking studio uses low toxic inks and consumables such as soy-based inks and soap clean-up.

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“Over all, I want you to discover the joy of creation by your own hand… The possibility of creation from paper is infinite.” – — Akira Yoshizawa


Discover the joy of forming your own sheets of paper from a vat full of pulp! Learn the science behind how paper is made, create your own paper using a Mould & Deckle, and explore a range of decorative techniques including pulp painting, inclusions, laminating and embossing.

At Art from the Urban Wilderness, you can make paper from recycled paper or from plants such as lemon grass, banana trunks, and other garden waste.

You can use your paper for other artworks including mixed media and printmaking, for book-making, sculpture, cards and more!

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Bookbinding and Artist Books

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some are to be chewed and digested.” – Francis Bacon, Essays (1625) Bacon’s Essays By Francis Bacon, Richard Whately.


Explore the amazing world of making books, from blank journals to artist books.

Artist books are artworks in a book format, and can include forms such as concertinas, codex, altered books, and sculpture. It’s a great alternative to creating traditional 2D framed artwork designed for hanging on the wall.

Our workshops include sewing blank bound journals incorporating decorative papers, as well as imaginative folded book structures like carousels and tunnel books.

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Drawing and Sketching

“Drawing is a verb” – Richard Serra


Our workshops include drawing basics for absolute beginners, as well as taking drawing to the next level with experimental sketching techniques.

If you’re terrified of a blank piece of paper and don’t know where to start, come along to one of our drawing workshops and we’ll give you the skills and confidence to start your art journey.

For those that are feeling tight and want to loosen up a bit, we offer workshops in gestural mark-making and experimental sketching to enliven your arts practice.

Regular social sketching events will give all artists an opportunity to connect with other like-minded artists whilst drawing from the studio’s extensive natural history collection of seed pods, nests, bark, and tide line finds.

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