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Experimental Collagraphs

Experimental Collagraph Workshop_Lace Pattern

Looking for something different?    Do you like playing with hardware materials in ways that non-artists don’t understand?

This 2 day workshop explores the exciting possibilities of printmaking with plates made from PVC foamboard.  This commercial product is a rigid hardwearing PVC foam that is compressed to create a lightweight weather-proof board used for business signage.  Its also excellent for printmaking!

You’ll learn how to maximise the potential of this wonderful material by combing the printmaking techniques of collagraph, drypoint and monoprint all on one plate.

These plates will enable you to create instant collagraph textures without the need for the long drying time and sealing required with other plate materials like cardboard. Additionally, being able to incorporate drypoint linework, intaglio tone and monotype techniques gives plenty of scope for experimentation and spontaneous image making.

We’ll use tapes, glue, acrylic mediums, sandpaper, lace, leaves and other found materials to make our textures, then work into the plates using a drypoint tool.  The plates are inked up in an intaglio style.

During the workshop you’ll design several plates, playing with layered imagery, tone and multiple colours to create complex and beautiful images.  The 2 days will allow you time to dive deep into this technique which may just become your favourite.

No prior printmaking experience necessary!  For printmakers with more experience, this technique will take your image making to the next level.


What’s included?  PVC foamboard, Akua soy-based printmaking inks, proofing papers and consumables.  Morning tea, coffee and biscuits.


You’ll need to bring a few things:

  • Objects to print with – need to be flat and thin (1mm maximum).  For example, leaves & grasses (press in phone book), thread, string, feathers, lace, mesh, not metal
  • Imagery and ideas for drypoint
  • A variety of adhesive sticky tapes – smooth & textured (your stash or have fun in the hardware store aisles!)
  • Clear nail polish – cheap is good enough
  • A sheet of really rough sandpaper (60-80 grit)
  • Visual diary/notebook and basic drawing kit
  • Printmaking Paper – 200gsm+ smooth (eg Fabriano Rosapina, Dutch Etch).  You can purchase papers at the studio for $10 for a large sheet, please bring cash.

Next Workshop Dates:

Experimental Collagraphs

Date: Saturday, March 16, 2024

Time: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Ticket Price: $385.00

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