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What’s in a Name?

Art from the Urban Wilderness view of the ground floor studio

Art from the Urban Wilderness view of the ground floor studio

What’s in a Name?

The name for my studio comes from my passion for urban wildlife and plants.  Like many of us, I live in a city environment where we  live amongst birds, insects, animals and plants that have managed to co-exist with humans.

How many of us regularly interact with overly-friendly Magpies, carolling Butcher Birds, and the screech of Noisy Miners?  Do you see the Blue-banded Bees buzzing around your tomato plants in your vege patch?

We live in a type of wilderness, its an extreme human-modified wilderness as opposed to the majestic and ancient forests of National Parks.  In our cities we have our own unique ecology that’s worth acknowledging and celebrating.

So in my art practice I describe myself as an Urban Ecology Artist and hence the studio name ‘Art from the Urban Wilderness’.


The Magpie image in my studio logo is one of my monotype prints.  I printed my mapgie using a plastic stencil that I created from a sheet of acetate and a soldering iron.  The melting of the plastic creates wonderful textural edges which show in the print.  And using a soldering iron instead of a knife adds to the fun of the process.

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Ruby Purple

Congratulations! The Artfromtheurbanwilderness space has such a welcoming vibe and the new website looks great!

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