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Foamex for Drypoint Printmaking

Magpie drypoint plate

Magpie drypoint plate

Foamex for Drypoint Printmaking

I’ve been working with drypoint printmaking for many years because its a simple, low-toxic form of printmaking that creates a soft line and tone image, without the toxicity and chemicals of the traditional etching processes.

I also love that you can use many different types of materials for plates – one of them being a product called ‘Foamex’.  Its a light weight, smooth, and rigid board made from foam polyvinyl chloride.  Its used by printers for signage.

I was introduced to this product by artist Jet James several years ago and I now use it for making plates that work well for both collagraph and drypoint methods.

As an example, I used Foamex to create a series of drypoint bees, experimenting with chine colle and handcolouring.

One of my passions is native stingless bees and native pollinators in general, so I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of including bees in my work!

I also use Akua etching inks as they are soy-based with water washup.

Drypoint Bee

Drypoint Bee on Foamex plate, with handcolouring and selective wiping techniques

You can learn how to use these Foamex plates for drypoint in our Experimental Collagraphs workshop, set to run in early 2023 (no date set as yet).  Please express your interest in this workshop and I’ll set a date.

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Hi Sandra, your website looks terrific! All the best, Dianna.


Thanks Dianna!

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